Why I chose to join Kinapse

Having joined Kinapse in October, Adam Sherlock shares the reasons he chose us, and his hopes for the future of the business.

I’ve been in life sciences my whole career – 30 years this year – and I’ve been on the service provider side and in the regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance functional specialities, for 20 of those years.

I care passionately about delivering high quality services that enable drug developers to get their vital and necessary products to as many people as possible all over the World, in the fastest, safest and most efficient way. When I was looking for my next career challenge and project, I had the luxury of being able to meet with the founders and owners of all the main players in the regulatory and PV services segment of the industry.

Having carefully considered each option, I chose to pursue an opportunity with Kinapse for four specific reasons:

  • People and culture
    I was overwhelmingly impressed by the quality of the Kinapse people, right across the organisation, and by the care, commitment and enthusiasm they bring to the delivery of their services each day for every client. I was also struck by the teamwork, the calibre of thinking, and the total lack of hierarchical barriers. There is also a great sense of community and fun – genuinely one big family.

  • Coherence of services
    Kinapse’s Advise – Build – Operate proposition is clear, strong, aligned with the needs of industry and has been proven to succeed.

  • Reputation
    I have been aware of Kinapse for many years and the organisation has a great reputation in the industry for the quality of its advisory work, the critical thinking, and for the excellence of its operational services delivery.

  • Opportunity for growth
    Of all the organisations operating in this segment of the industry today, I am convinced that Kinapse has the greatest opportunity to become the best, market-leading player. I love building business, and with Kinapse I believe I can positively contribute to the growth journey of the organisation, building something great for all stakeholders.