Our Global Advisory Capability

Anticipate, shape and lead the evolving Life Sciences industry with help from our industry-leading Advisory team.

There are many trends transforming the Life Sciences industry – rising R&D costs, the potential of emerging and innovative technologies, and the move towards patient centricity to name but a few.

Our Advisory team helps clients anticipate, shape and respond to global trends and has done for more than a decade. We partner with the world’s top life sciences organisations, their clients, suppliers and regulators to provide a exceptional Advisory service.

Trusted advisors to Life Sciences leaders

Kinapse is a global firm providing expert advisory services across the R&D and Commercialisation life cycle. We deliver strategy and implementation at a global as well as functional level.

As a trusted advisor of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies we believe our clients should expect:

  • Deep expertise and experience. We have one of the largest life sciences Advisory teams globally, including many industry veterans with more than 20 years experience. We also maintain an extensive network of thought leaders and industry leaders that we are able to deploy on our projects. Learn more.

  • Strong collaboration with our clients. We work as trusted colleagues at all levels of our client organisations. Over 70% of our client projects are repeat projects and we have long-term partnerships with many of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Learn more.

  • Outstanding results. We have a stellar history of helping our clients achieve stronger drug development and commercialisation outcomes across the drug development life cycle. Learn more.

  • Innovative, personalised solutions. We don’t just churn out a standard solution. We approach every client’s unique problems with a unique solution. Our strategies and processes are supported by clear business rationales and seen through to implementation. Learn more.

If you share these beliefs then we’re probably already working together. If we’re not, then here’s a taste of the services we deliver across many functional areas through our advisory practice:
Research & Development
Current client challenges
  • Patient centricity

  • Digital innovation

  • Big data

  • Asset-level strategy planning and execution

  • Increasing productivity

Our Advisory Services
  • Global sourcing opportunities and vendor management

  • Product R&D strategy

  • R&D operating models

  • Translational sciences / early development

  • Resourcing / Outsourcing strategy, modelling and implementation

  • Design, implementation and project management of change initiatives

  • Information and technology landscape assessment and design

  • RWE and digital strategy /technology

  • Portfolio, Project & Resource Management

Current client challenges
  • Continued high failure rate of clinical studies

  • Adapting to new legislation

  • Continued increase in study times

  • Balance in house vs. outsource resourcing

Our Advisory Services
  • Operating model design

  • Sourcing strategy and management

  • Innovation implementation

  • Performance benchmarking

  • RBM implementation / CDP development

  • Data landscape management

  • Clinical Trial Level

  • Feasibility and site selection

  • Patient insights from RWE

  • Recruitment & Mobile MVR

  • Clinical systems

Current client challenges
  • Increasing need for internal & external stakeholders collaboration

  • Increased product stakeholder scrutiny

  • Decreasing Regulatory budget with increased workload

  • Costly, complex and ineffective processes and supporting technology

Our Advisory Services
  • Operating model design

  • Process evaluation and optimisation

  • Performance management and benchmarking

  • Outsourcing strategy

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance
Current client challenges
  • Increasing safety concerns with increasing data availability

  • Shifting skill requirements driving analytics and compliance globally

  • Increasing product scrutiny (media, regulators, consumers)

  • Costly, complex and ineffective processes and supporting technology

Our Advisory Services
  • Operating model design

  • Process evaluation and optimisation

  • Performance management and benchmarking

  • Outsourcing strategy

Medical Affairs and Market Access
Current client challenges
  • Political changes (e.g. healthcare reforms, pricing, reimbursement changes)

  • Economics changes (e.g austerity in Europe, expansion of public health systems in emerging markets)

  • Technological changes (e.g big data, treatment adherence solutions, improving access to rural populations)

  • Realisation of the value of Medical Affairs

  • Designing and implementing organisation, processes & capabilities

  • Embedding robust Medical Governance frameworks

  • Managing performance through targeted KPIs

  • Keeping up with the evolving technology landscape

Our Advisory Services
  • Patient centricity

  • Medical and patient insights and RWE

  • External engagement

  • Compliance and Medical Governance

  • Technology strategy

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