On Thursday 23rd November, we hosted the Kinapse Brexit Summit at the Royal Society in London.

Kinapse Brexit summit

About the Summit

The aim of the summit was to facilitate round table discussion and debate with key players from industry and patient groups on the subject of Brexit and its potential impact on these stakeholders both within the UK and across the EU27.  

Industry giants Pfizer, Baxter & AZ joined us at the event, alongside Immunocore & Norgine, providing Kinapse with an interesting perspective on Brexit’s pharma impact at both a global & SME scale.

Patient’s views were firmly represented by the renowned “National Voices” and the Irish patient group, IPPOSI, whereby, key concerns were acknowledged by all attendees of the event.

Ultimately, Kinapse aims to communicate the views and perspectives of attendees to the UK government and other groups involved in the Brexit negotiations.  Key considerations in areas of patient safety, access to medicines, retention of life sciences talent, research & investment, will be outlined.  Specific strategies and solutions will also be presented which may provide guidance and help shape the pharma landscape post-Brexit.

A big thank you to Sally Shorthouse, a partner at Bird & Bird, who played a significant role in yesterday’s Summit. Sally’s opening presentation laid the foundations of the discussion – including challenges to industry, patients, regulation & legislation.

Preparing for Brexit – the Kinapse view

Brexit has the potential to cause massive changes to the Life Sciences industry, and these changes have already begun. The EMA recently announced that they are moving their headquarters to Amsterdam, with wide-reaching implications.

Pharma and Biotech executives have a duty to prepare for the exit of the UK from the EU, in order to prepare their organisations and protect their patients.

Download our think pieces below and learn how your organisation should already be preparing for your post-Brexit future.

Preparing for Brexit and its impact on the Life Sciences industry

With significant impact possible but great uncertainty as to what the outcome will be, what can industry executives do to prepare for Brexit?

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The regulatory impact of Brexit on the Life Sciences Industry

How are Life Sciences regulations set to be impacted by Brexit, and how should your organisation prepare?

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