Vivek and KusumWe would like to take the opportunity to highlight the inspiring story of one of our employees, Vivek Tomar and his wife Kusum.

In 2013, Kusum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer metastatic to the brain at the age of 29. To this day, her fight with her disease is ongoing, but the couple have never given up hope, and have become vocal activists for a support close to their hearts –  promoting clinical trials for drugs in India.

Vivek and Kusum run a website, have shared their story at industry conferences (such as 2014s SAARC Oncology meeting), have featured in a number of publications, and recently spoke in a moving and motivational Josh Talk.

As a company, and as a community, we are continually inspired by Vivek’s positivity, energy and commitment to making change. For the couple, the struggle is ongoing, but in their words, “Fight is the best hope”.

To read more of Vivek and Kusum’s story, read from page 16 of this edition of Techagappe.