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Document QC: A discipline in its own right Webinar

The number and complexity of regulatory documents has increased significantly in the last decade as the volume of clinical trials and the regulatory burden have grown. The expedited clinical research [...]

20/04/21|Event, Kinapse|

The Value of Patient Voices in Plain Language Summaries Webinar

Plain language summaries (PLSs) aim to meet a need in the industry for clinical trial transparency in a way that is meaningful and understandable for patients and the general public. As [...]

10/09/20|Event, Kinapse|

Writing Plain Language Summaries for Clinical Trials Webinar

Join this free webinar to learn how the pharmaceutical industry is engaging with patients and patient advocates to gain feedback and produce high-quality plain language summaries. When Friday December 06th [...]

05/12/19|Event, Kinapse|

Webinar – Health Canada

Reserve your place at our webinar to learn about Health Canada PRCI requirements, differences with EMA policy 0070 and how to bring synergies between the two regulatory requirements.


Webinar – Redefining RIM

Reserve a place on our webinar to explore the current state of regulatory technology and how it isn't fit for the challenges of regulatory lifecycle management and new regulatory operating models.


Webinar – Robotic Process Automation in Life Sciences

Reserve your place on this joint webinar with Nividous regarding RPA in life sciences. We will talk about use cases and benefits of automation in healthcare and life sciences industry.


Webinar – PLS Masterclass

Reserve your place at our webinar to learn how to write plain language summaries that comply with regulations, and that are meaningful to laypeople and clinical experts.

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