Project Description

The challenge

Key client leaders at a global pharmaceutical wished to understand and characterize the current landscape of patient-centric initiatives at the company. Their aim was to build a story to communicate the importance of patient centricity to the future success of the organisation.

Our approach

Kinapse conducted a series of internal interviews with stakeholders and key leaders to:

·       Understand the client’s current patient centricity strategy.

·       Develop a framework to document and track all patient-centric initiatives. We developed this framework to allow for ongoing maintenance and filtering, including key characteristics such as lifecycle placement, delivery mechanism, and value delivered.

·       Develop a communication deck to capture a refined mission, align key definitions and opportunities, and characterize the client’s initiative landscape.

The result

Our initiative “Heat map” helped identify areas of relative strength and weakness in the client’s patient involvement. Aided by this evidence, stakeholders had the opportunity to voice priorities for value targets as well as barriers to action, supporting the next phase of the project to embed the agenda within the organization.

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