Project Description

The challenge

The Global Medical Affairs (GMA) group of a top 10 global pharmaceutical needed to expand its capabilities to capture real world insights around patient experiences.

The group asked Kinapse to help improve the way in which they generated, analysed and used insights, in particular from emerging digital channels such as social media.

While the client’s existing digitization of health information was promising, they were experiencing a range of analytical challenges that prevented scalable, representative and actionable real world insight generation.

Our approach

We conducted interviews with key stakeholders, identifying the key challenges our client faced and the opportunities they had to overcome them. We presented the results of that analysis to the client, and showed them how we could improve their capture of patient insights.

Our first step was to design and implement a global data standard for the collection of external stakeholder perspectives, enabling more efficient insight generation from all information channels.

Using a leading marketed product, we demonstrated how unstructured data (e.g. social media, publications) and existing internal information could be combined to produce new insights.

The result

Our advice demonstrated to the client how they could improve their process to more effectively generate and use patient insights.

Our practical demonstration showed the client in real terms how to systematically consolidate, analyse and integrate information across various internal and external channels.

To ensure our client knew how to take the next steps, we outlined our key recommendations and laid out a roadmap for how they could build internal capability.

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