Project Description

The challenge

In order to drive better decisions on drug development programs, our client reviewed its approach to integrating drug development project strategic planning. This review identified opportunities for improvement based on internal aspirations and industry best practices.

Our approach

To kick off the process, we collaborated with key stakeholders to create:

·       A development plan template and guidance.

·       A clear supporting process.

·       Pre-planned timelines.

·       Well-defined roles and responsibilities.

We then worked alongside program teams to deploy the design to four program teams across early and late development. The initial roll out helped further refine the process, template and guidance.

This project established and embedded an approach to develop robust and cross-functional drug development program strategies.

The result

The project was fully endorsed by governance bodies and was supported by drug program teams. The outputs are now used by program teams to align strategic thinking, support major decisions and to communicate internally and externally about the programs.

The project also helped program and portfolio teams make decisions for the programs.

The process helps reinforce the empowerment of program teams by driving a program based, rather than functional approach and promotes a shared understanding of program strategy.

Encouraged by the benefits gained, our client’s R&D leadership set an organisational priority to apply the approach across all 40 of their drug development programs.

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