Project Description

The challenge

A leading global biopharmaceuticals company needed to develop the global outsourcing strategy for their clinical activities.

Primarily, the company needed resourcing strategies at the global, regional and local levels. They wanted to discuss and build good understanding on how best they could achieve competitive advantage for their clinical activities.

They also required a robust set of processes to effectively oversee and manage their vendor engagements.

  • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities.

  • A lack of clarity of decision making authority

  • Complex and inconsistent processes and systems.

  • A lack of basic management information.

  • Inconsistent delivery of change efforts.

  • Inconsistent and complex global, regional and local structures.

Our approach

We developed a global outsourcing strategy for the company using a comprehensive in-house proprietary methodology, which is backed by:

·       Internal assessment.

·       KPI data.

·       Peer practices.

·       Benchmarking data.

We also:

·       Developed an implementation plan to outsource the client’s chosen clinical activities, helping the client select their strategic partners and managing the entire selection process.

·       Facilitated the development of a stakeholder management strategy.

·       Developed a CRO Governance model.

The result

The outsourcing initiative is expected to allow the client to save £8-10 million over a 5 years period thanks to:

  • Greater flexibility of resources allowing the client to focus on activities that offer a competitive advantage.
  • A robust algorithm for making reliable sourcing decisions.
  • A robust CRO Governance model to effectively manage and oversee all the vendor agreements.

As an added benefit, our internal survey gave our client a thorough internal assessment of their activities.

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