Project Description

The challenge

A top 5 Global Pharmaceutical client required development of “Post Transition Process Improvements,” to their Labelling Updates service lineThis service line was critical to their business, with 1,500 deliverables in scope annually.

The client’s objectives involved realising business benefits of their outsourcing strategy:

  • Reduction of process variation.
  • Process simplification.
  • Reduction in client involvement.
  • Maintenance of Quality & Compliance.

Our approach

As soon as the Labelling Update service line had transitioned to a “steady state”, a rapid response team was formed to:

  • Value-stream map the process i.e. review of each step, ownership & waste.
  • Eliminate waste from the process.
  • Perform process standardisation of critical steps.
  • Reassign steps from the client including reduced QC.
  • Implement robust performance monitoring & control – Transparent KPI & SLA dashboards.

The result

Revised suite of Labelling Update process documentation including SOP, Guidance, Quality Checklist, email templates & associated training delivered to both the Client & Kinapse delivery teams:

  • Reduction of “Post Transition” client QC checking to 10% delivering a 1 FTE per month client saving.
  • Elimination of waste from the incumbent client handover process delivering a 40% reduction in client activities.
  • Removal of client effort in coordination of internal client stakeholder contributions by reassigning associated process steps enabling the Kinapse to take full ownership of document coordination including clinical inputs.
  • Ancillary processes aligned to revised Labelling Update process reducing client resources on non-value adding tasks.
  • 100% Quality & Timeline delivery performance maintained throughout.

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