The expert network in life sciences

No life sciences organisation can employ every expert they need for every challenge they face. For everything else, there’s k-net.

What is k-net?

k-net is our network of experts in life sciences, covering more than 160 countries around the globe.

It allows us to link our employees, clients and partners to thousands of subject matter experts who can close any gap in expertise or reach.

The network can provide consultancy and operational support for any project challenge.

Supported by k-net, you can:

  • Solve challenges in your projects by leveraging the expertise, experience and local presence of proven experts.

  • Minimise your fixed costs, while optimising access to specific resources.

  • Cover future growth with access to expertise and reach in all countries and across the entire life sciences industry.

We’ve already helped a number of our clients to source experts for their projects, including:

Sourcing worldwide Pharmacovigilance experts

A mid-sized global pharmaceutical company was re-organising its PV system internally and globally. As part of that process, the organisation was striving to improve quality and reduce their costs.

To help, the client needed access to worldwide PV experts for multiple different markets.

By using k-net, we successfully:

  • Provided access to PV experts in all countries requested.

  • Created a highly professional blend of Client in house employees and Kinapse in-country professionals.

Locating an in-country expert for South Africa

A top 20 pharma client needed support on regulatory maintenance work.

They needed to provide marketing authorization dossiers in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, but were unfamiliar with the rules and regulations in those countries.

By using k-net, we successfully connected the client with a proven expert residing in South Africa. The expert was able to support the client with all of the rules and regulations, in all of the countries, they needed help with.

Sourcing French speaking Medics

A top 10 pharma client suddenly needed to analyse several thousand case books, and required support from 30 French-speaking medics.

By using k-net, we reviewed our vast pool of medics, and quickly found 30 French-speaking medics to support our client.

Finding Regulatory professionals in the Americas

A major global pharma wanted to maintain and expand its presence in the Americas, and needed support from junior and senior regulatory professionals.

By using k-net, we provided access to regulatory experts, including those covering Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico.

Identifying Labelling and Artwork professionals

A mid-sized global pharma wanted to improve performance of its labelling and artwork operations.

By using k-net, we successfully identified a variety of experts in labelling, artwork and languages.

This helped our client to create a blend of Client in-house employees and external professionals covering all of the services and countries they required support in. This provided an improvement to performance, and costs.

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