Easing the EMA Policy 0070 burden with the launch of redact360

Our clients are finding that complying with the new EMA Policy 0070 regulation is time consuming and costly, and precious staff time is being taken up with manual redaction processes and efficiencies lowered as they fail to standardize their processes.

Pooja Phogat, VP and Clinical Trial Disclosure Technical Lead, believes this is one area that clients should seriously consider outsourcing.

Our investment in developing redact360 a technology enabled service has already delivered 21 successful client submissions and saved our clients more than £1.5 million to date.

Learn how redact360 supports Clinical Trial transparency.

19 successful client submissions under our belt


The research and launch of redact360 was aimed at helping clients achieve four key outcomes:

  • Save time by automating the identification and removal of direct and quasi-identifiers.

  • Save money. Outsourcing means our clients don’t need to invest in technology or staff to deliver compliant submissions.

  • Drive efficiencies by standardizing all of our clients’ submissions and channelling them through a lean, hassle-free process.

  • Safeguard reputation. Our technology enabled solution works within a ‘continuous learning’ environment drawing on all our experience of previous submissions and passing this on to our clients to ensure they remain ahead in transparent data sharing.

Learn more about redact360 and find out how it could help ease your EMA 0070 burden.