What do you wish you’d invented?

A cure for cancer.

What do you love about working in Kinapse?

The people and the culture. I work with some of the smartest, most engaged, supportive people I have ever worked with and it genuinely feels like an incredible team rather than just a collection of colleagues.

What has made you proud in your career?

Helping members of my team realise their potential, thrive in their careers and be successful pursuing a path that is right for them.

Where were you before?

Since finishing my PhD in chemistry at Bristol University, my career has approximately followed the drug lifecycle. I worked as a radiochemist at Selcia working with clients in Discovery / R&D, then moved into Contracts and Proposals at Fulcrum Pharma which supported pharma clients with Preclinical, CMC, Regulatory, Clinical and Product Strategy. My next role was setting up a Contracts and Proposals group in QED, a small CRO that worked with CRO partners globally and specialised in rare disease trials. Now I am at Kinapse where, in addition to the pre-approval aspects, we have large programs supporting the post –approval work.

What’s your favourite book?

My favourite fiction book is All fun and games until someone loses an eye by Christopher Brookmyre but I also enjoyed Ross Edgely’s “The Worlds fittest book”.

Why did you choose to work in the life sciences industry?

I was inspired at a careers fair by a chemist from Glaxo Welcome who spoke about how they make a difference to people’s lives. From that point I pursued a career, initially as a chemist, within the life science industry with the goal of improving the quality of life of patients, their family and carers. The patient centric work we are doing through clinical trial transparency is especially rewarding. The mission, to improve quality of life for people, still excites and motivates me.

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