Market Access

We help our clients take their new drug to market with better pricing and reimbursement outcomes, thanks to our industry-leading Market Access and HEOR services.

Defining the value of your products

You know the drug you’ve developed has value, now you need to demonstrate that value to the decision makers who can give you access to each market.

But, this process isn’t getting any easier. Payers and HTA (health technology assessment) bodies are scrutinising new drugs, demanding lower pricing, reimbursement and Market Access risk.

If any part of your Market Access or HEOR strategy needs to be improved, we’re here to help.

At Kinapse, we help our Market Access clients:

  • Communicate value

    To generate and communicate evidence of product value, we can help clients build industry-leading HEOR and Market Access capabilities. We help clients design structures, teams and interfaces which support organisational and portfolio demands, identify the right level of resourcing and systematically deliver value.

    We help clients define and prioritise stakeholder buy-in to ensure your drug appeals to the needs of each decision maker, especially in niche areas such as paediatrics and gene and cell therapy.

    The end result of all of these efforts is to increase the perceived value of your product and drive better uptake, and pricing and reimbursement outcomes.

  • Target each market

    To access a market, you need to know how it works, but every country brings different challenges. We have a deep knowledge of the markets in the US, India and UK, as well as a network of industry experts who can assist with projects in 160 countries around the globe.

    By taking advantage of our network and expertise, you can target emerging and established markets with confidence. You’ll be able to effectively partner with experts at the global, regional and local level.

  • Make strategic decisions

    In every Market Access process, routine decisions take time and pressurise over-loaded, highly-skilled staff. By outsourcing the research and analysis behind these supports to our global experts, we free up your staff’s time, allowing them to concentrate on tasks which add-value to your business.

    We provide robust and timely decision-support information to allow your team to make sound strategic judgements without wasting time.

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