Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs landscape is changing. Our Medical Affairs consulting experts help teams define their role, more efficiently assist their organisation and demonstrate their value to the business.

A changing role

The role that Medical Affairs teams perform is expanding, with increasing responsibility for:

  • Collecting information – As the information experts of your organisation, you need to identify, manage and share medical information, scientific insights and trial results as and when they’re released.

  • Driving patient centricity – Pharmaceutical companies are moving towards patient centricity, and you are becoming an essential part of the engagement with patients to drive that.

  • Supporting value propositions – You’re also tasked with engaging with physicians and payers to support the value proposition of a product. As drug development costs are rising and payers are pushing for ever-lower pricing of those drugs when they reach market, this job has never been harder.

As your role widens, you’re expected to do more, but with the same or even fewer resources. That makes it essential for you to get the most of your existing resources. That’s where we can help.

Define your role
Your challenges

Your team is challenged by:

  • Inefficient operations across different regions, business units and countries.

  • Inadequate support and funding triggered by a lack of clarity regarding the value Medical Affairs teams bring to their organisation.

  • Resource-intensive tasks, which limit your time and take your resources away from business critical activities.

Our solution


  • Help redefine and develop the role of your Medical Affairs team within your organisational structure.

  • Improve how your team integrates with other business functional areas.

  • Create KPIs to measure Medical Affairs success, including performance scorecards and resource modelling.

  • Identify the capabilities that can be outsourced and help you select the right supplier for your business.

Your benefits

As a result, you can:

  • Create and demonstrate business value.

  • Get a place at the table and aid the development of future business strategies.

  • Accurately evaluate your processes and improve on them over time.

  • Reallocate time to spend it on tasks which bring value to your business.

Share insightful information, more reliably
Your challenges

Your team is challenged by:

  • Manually keeping on top of the constant stream of medical information and insights released online every day.

Our solution


  • Establish the right tools and processes to help generate, manage and share medical information.

  • Define and choose appropriate support systems and create codes of conduct for external engagements.

Your benefits

As a result, you can:

  • Improve the consistency and quality of information you share.

  • Enhance your organisation’s decision making by improving the timeliness of available information.

  • Support the value proposition of your organisations Pharmaceutical products.

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Our advice demonstrated to the client how they could improve their process to more effectively generate and use patient insights. Our practical demonstration showed the client in real terms how to systematically consolidate, analyse and integrate information across various internal and external channels.

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