Meet Bhavna Nanda

What do you wish you’d invented?

The watch. The best inventions are the ones that seem so simple now you don’t even think about them.

What trend do you see shaping the industry?

Right now, there’s a clear trend towards data transparency and data privacy. Driven by legal and ethical challenges, companies throughout the life sciences industry are seeing the need to make that move.

I think pertinent, integrated and centralized measures are required to guide that move. Not only with regards to guidance, policies and regulations but also including clearer, stringent cyber laws and legal frameworks. All stakeholders need to openly engage in an exchange of innovative ideas on responsible data sharing in the clinical arena.

What has made you proud in your career?

With every new project there comes an immense opportunity to learn and grow. I am particularly proud to be associated with the EMA policy 70 anonymization projects. We are currently experiencing a sea of change with the emergence of data privacy in the pharma industry, and it’s so interesting to be a part of that.

Where were you before?

I have more than 14 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

I’ve worked in editorial and publishing, I’ve managed electronic document management and archival systems, and I’ve lead on project working with clinical teams to deliver sustained compliance with evolving data transparency & data protection initiatives. It’s a broad industry and so far I’ve seen a lot of it.

Why did you choose to work in the life sciences industry?

It makes a big difference to know that your work is part of something important. Working in the healthcare field, I get to contribute towards people living heathier, longer lives.

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