What do you wish you’d invented?

If I could have invented anything in the world, it would probably have to be the kitchen aid mixer.  I am an avid baker in my free time – the mixer ups my creativity and allows me to evenly mix anything I want.

What trend do you see shaping the industry?

Social networking is re-shaping the Life Sciences industry as we know it.

For all Quality-minded people, the realm of Social Media brings up a lot of different questions.

How do we maintain compliance in a fast paced world where your organisation can become the centre of the world’s attention at a moment’s notice? How do we track what is posted about products that are regulated?  Do we consider them complaints?  Do we need a new role in our Quality organization, and a framework to handle social media?

What has made you proud in your career?

I helped successfully migrate over 500 records in a short time frame to a new system for our client. It was a challenging project, but we still managed to devise a plan and execute it with no problems.

It made me proud that, when the going got tough, the program team came together without hesitation and got the job done on time with little to no mistakes.

Where were you before?

My background is in Pharmaceutical and Laboratory sciences with R&D and commercial manufacturing (sterile and non-sterile) experience.

Aside from Kinapse, I’ve worked as the Manager of APR Quality Systems at Bracco Diagnostics Inc. and as Supervisor of Quality Systems at DPT Laboratories.

Why did you choose to work in the life sciences industry?

Even as a child, I always enjoyed the sciences. It was my favorite subject throughout my school years.

Once in college, I was able to perform research through a grant and through that I had to build the new research center at the university to get the instrumentation I needed up and running. Sometime during the hard work I put in – cutting the piping and running the gas lines, putting together the water systems and setting up the equipment – I realized that I was meant to be in science.

Now at Kinapse, I love being involved from a quality perspective, ensuring the product that our families and friends use come from a good source and are compliant with the regulations that make drugs safe and effective.

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