What do you wish you’d invented?

A jet lag management app to help frequent travellers to manage their sleep cycle.

What trend do you see shaping the industry?

Patient centricity is currently the buzz word in this industry, and with good reason. Most companies have incorporated – or are in the process of incorporating – it into their strategy.

If an organisation wants to achieve patient centricity, it has to become an essential part of that organisation’s culture. The next most important thing is the use of the right technology to connect the missing links.

What has made you proud in your career?

I’ve worked on a number of large scale patient centricity and patient insights projects. As part of a project team, I’ve helped clients better understand patients’ needs and plan their organisation’s key changes across the drug development life cycle.

Where were you before?

I joined Kinapse as an Analyst in 2011 after completing an MBA at BITS, Pilani.

Over 6 years, I’ve loved being part of Kinapse’s warm, supportive and exciting culture. We help support Life Sciences clients all over the world and every project here is different and interesting.

Why did you choose to work in the life sciences industry?

For me, the reward of any good career is being happy at the end of the day. I know that the work I do will add a tiny bit of value to improve people’s lives. We work in a rapidly growing industry: there are so many opportunities to work and interact with different type of people globally, and I thrive in that environment.

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