Modern slavery and human trafficking statement – 2018

This statement is made in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Kinapse Ltd (“Kinapse”) has taken and is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain.

Modern slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced labour. Kinapse has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings and to putting effective systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery taking place within the business and our supply chain.

Our business

Kinapse is an independent company providing Advisory and Operational services in the Life Sciences industry. Kinapse offers a unique Advise-Build-Operate approach to our clients, working alongside them globally to design and deliver solutions. Our success in doing so is demonstrated by superb client feedback and independent recognition as an industry leader for the services we provide.

With over 700 professionals worldwide and our proprietary life sciences network of over 1200 regulatory, safety, quality and market access experts we select our teams to deliver the best possible solutions. Kinapse works from its offices in London (UK), Gurgaon, Bangalore (India), New York City and Cambridge (US), with staff and partners located in additional countries worldwide. Our suppliers include professional companies delivering complimentary services and through similar standards to our own.

Our high risk areas

We do not consider that our key relationships with professional or business services suppliers give rise to material risks in this area.

The biggest risk which we consider to arise within our business are in relation to facilities management, catering, and the supply of office electronic equipment. We manage the risk through the use of regular suppliers whom we consider to be reputable, and we will be requesting that all material regular suppliers in these areas confirm that their own business activities do not involve slavery or human trafficking.

Our policies

We operate a number of internal policies to ensure that we are conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner. These include:

  1. Recruitment policy. We operate a robust recruitment policy, including conducting eligibility to work checks for all employees to safeguard against human trafficking and motivations to undertake employment of their own freewill.
  2. Raising an Issue policy, incorporating Whistleblowing. We operate a whistleblowing policy so that all employees know that they can raise concerns about how colleagues are being treated, or practices within our business or supply chain, without fear of reprisals.
  3. Business Code of Conduct. This code explains the manner in which we behave as an organisation and how we expect our employees and suppliers to act, and action is taking accordingly on issues of concern.

In addition to these policies, we are fully compliant with minimum base pay regulations according to governments in each of our operating locations for our own employees and suppliers working within our offices.

Our suppliers

Kinapse operates a Supplier Selection and Management policy under which we conduct a broad due diligence on our larger partner suppliers before allowing them to become a supplier. Our Supplier Code of Conduct also forms part of our contract with all suppliers and they are required to confirm that no part of their business operations contradicts this Code.

In addition to the above, as part of our contract with suppliers, we will be requiring that they confirm to us that:

  1. They have taken steps to eradicate modern slavery within their business
  2. They hold their own suppliers to account over modern slavery
  3. (For UK based suppliers) They pay their employees at least the national minimum wage
  4. (For international suppliers) They pay their employees any prevailing minimum wage applicable within their country of operations


We conduct training to our employees on our above policies and codes as they are updated or as new employees join Kinapse, to ensure all employees understand the need for us to act with integrity, in accordance with local laws, and in a manner which enhances our reputation.

Our performance indicators

We will know the effectiveness of the steps that we are taking to ensure that slavery and / or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain if:

  • No reports are received from employees, the public, or law enforcement agencies to indicate that modern slavery practices have been identified
  • No material regular supplier fails to confirm that their own business activities do not involve slavery or human trafficking