Plain Language Summary (PLS)

We strongly believe that science is for everyone and that health research findings should be shared with the wider community.

A PLS is a written account of a clinical trial, prepared in simple language to communicate results, which can be easily understood by a non-scientific person. Therefore, PLSs are the way forward to achieve greater transparency.

Our experts have been providing PLS solutions and strategic advice since 2015 in this evolving area.

Kinapse has:

  • End to end solution for PLS writing, translation and distribution.

  • A centralised, widely accessible, non-promotional, and unbiased portal, for sharing PLSs.

  • Supported over 9 sponsors with expert strategic advice, building process document and implementing PLS writing, translation, and distribution.

  • Cost effective solutions for all your disclosure requirements.

  • Extensive therapeutic area experience.

  • Performed extensive benchmarking exercises on PLS implementation strategies and PLS template.

Our Solution

Effective implementation of PLSs requires both a strategic approach and alignment across all functions involved in the generation and reporting of a clinical study’s results.

We offer our clients a truly end-to-end service using our ‘advise-build-operate’ model to help drive greater productivity for our clients. Our PLS solution has been designed to make sure you:

Get the right strategic advice 

Our experienced team offers strategic advice and help in driving the implementation of PLSs.

Gain access to industry best practices

Our experts share industry best practices in every area of PLS implementation.

Gain efficiencies

We build tools like PLS templates, work instructions, glossaries, and graphic designs that will streamline your process.

Save time

Your inputs will be needed only in key areas while creating PLSs enabling you to focus on your main responsibilities.

Create meaningful PLSs

With our experienced team, health literacy review, and patient advocacy groups’ engagement, we anticipate reader’s questions and address them in the PLSs effectively.

Get the right platform to share PLSs

Get access to a centralised, widely accessible, non-promotional, and unbiased portal, for sharing PLSs.

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