R&D Strategy & Operating Models

We help clients with the design and implementation of improvements or transformational changes to their operating models.
Creating a R&D strategy that maximises market potential

We help clients optimise their operating models and build robust portfolios with their R&D function. To do this, we help clients achieve two broad goals:

1. Build a robust portfolio

Develop a robust pipeline of innovative drugs and a sound program level strategy as well as allocating internal and external resources effectively. This enables successful drug life cycle management.

2. Achieve operational excellence

Reduce cycle times through effective sourcing strategies, development of capabilities and fit for purpose organisational constructs and processes.

Our team have directly led major initiatives across R&D with the majority of the top 25 Pharmaceutical companies. Our engagements often look at improvements to operating models either across R&D or within specific functions and typically include:

  • Process Improvement

  • Capability & Competencies

  • Organisational Design

  • Benchmarking

  • Performance Management

  • Information Management

  • Sourcing Strategy and Resource Modelling

  • Project Management & Implementation

We bring to our clients:

  • More global Pharmaceutical R&D expertise and direct leadership experience than any other consultancy.

  • Exposure to more approaches to improve R&D productivity through operating model redesign and externalisation strategies.

  • Expertise covering the length and breadth of R&D both across functions and for individual functions.

  • Extensive R&D collaboration with a wide range of industry stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

  • A unique blend of specialist R&D Strategy consultants and operational experts.

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