7 reasons to choose Kinapse

We love to learn. Research suggests the human brain can only hold around seven pieces of information in the short term memory at one time.
So, in case you suffer from ‘The Google Effect’, here are the seven reasons why clients choose to work with us.

1. We’re the partner of choice for our clients

We work with 19 of the top 25, as well as some of the fastest growing, Life Sciences companies in the world. We’ve worked with these organisations on multiple projects, over many years.

Together we’ve formed strong, lasting partnerships. That’s because our team cares about our clients. We always aim to repay the confidence they place in us and work hard to deliver the best possible result.

2. We advise, we build, we operate

Our aim is to be the solution to all of the challenges your Life Sciences organisation faces. We offer services that can support Life Sciences businesses throughout the drug lifecycle, helping take your new drug from planning to patient.

We don’t leave your business with just a recommendation and a Powerpoint deck. We’re capable of building the practical solutions we recommend. And, if you need our support, we can run that solution for you as well.

  • Advise our clients on long-term strategies.
  • Build the capabilities to implement that advice.
  • Operate longer term services to solve complicated problems.

3. We’re Life Sciences experts

Our team has over 540 master’s degrees in Life Sciences. Together, we have more than 4000 years of experience in this industry.

We’re a team of like-minded, highly-qualified people and we understand how your business runs. We have a huge pool of combined industry expertise and can transfer our learned best-practices from our business to yours.

“They’ve really got the expertise – people who’ve actually been there, seen it, and done it.”
Head of R&D Business Operations, Top 10 Pharma

4. Our values are more than skin deep

Our values are an essential part of our culture – they’re behind every decision we make. They reflect what is important in the way we work together, and with our partners and clients.

Our values have kept our team together as we’ve gone from a 2 person enterprise in 2005, to a multi-national leader in Life Sciences consulting.

5. We don’t just churn out a standard solution

The challenges you face are similar to your peers in the industry, but your business is unique. That’s why you deserve a unique solution that’s right for you.

At Kinapse, our people approach every project with an open mind. We work on solutions that are right for each individual client. Our previous experience guides our approach, but it never leads it.

“The team is extremely skilled and they don’t just churn out a standard solution. They have excellent communication and will always ask very intelligent questions.”
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Top 10 Pharma

6. We have access to a global network of experts

k-net is our industry-leading expert network in Life Sciences, connecting thousands of industry experts over more than 160 countries. It connects our employees with the information and expertise they need to solve any problem in every Pharmaceutical market.

k-net is our industry-leading expert network in Life Sciences, connecting thousands of industry experts over more than 160 countries.

In an ideal world, you would have all of the expertise you need in your team, but that’s not always possible. For every problem your team is unable to solve, there’s k-net.

7. We’re the workplace of choice for our people

It’s important to us that we create a community of healthy, productive, happy people. We have a Kinapse Employee Engagament Programme (Keep) team who are constantly working on ways to improve the wellness, education and development of our team.

Why? Because an inspired team provides inspired service.


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